• Kickboxing (Adults)

    Kickboxing (Adults)

    Kickboxing is a sport that adds kicks to boxing.
    We aim to provide you with well rounded training: as well as technique and skills, you will gain the speed, flexibility, and core strength needed to grow and excel in this sport. Our kickboxing classes cater to all levels from complete beginner to the more experienced in kickboxing. You can take pure technique classes or learn to spar with people of a similar skill level to you.

    Impact Gym Marbella is a club that offers the best in kickboxing and fitness training. You can “train like the pros without the blows” to achieve maximum fitness in minimal time. At Impact Gym we offer classes for kids, women and men, along with personal lessons for those who can’t make the classes, If you are looking for a great cardio workout which is fun, fitness, self defence, competition or even just stress relief come on in and have a free trial session!